Our team consists of experienced engineers, specializing in:

  • Private industry
  • Government agencies
  • Advanced bridge engineering
  • Infrastructure rehabilitation

Smart Bridge Tech branched from our primary company, SDR Engineering Consultants, Inc, which is one of the most advanced engineering and construction firms specializing in infrastructure repair and rehabilitation. Smart Bridge specializes in advanced nonlinear, static/dynamic analysis, FRP composite analysis, and fatigue, software customization. Our software is specifically designed to be convenient, so you can compile an entire project with ease. Smart Bridge Suite is the first comprehensive bridge engineering program to provide design/analysis and load rating of reinforced concrete, pre-stressed concrete and steel bridges based on the LFR and LRFD 2008 interim AASHTO specifications. In addition, our programs offer fully customizable finite element analysis, allowing analytical refinements in parametric investigations. Detailed step-by-step analysis with all applicable code equations provides the engineer with a high level of confidence in the results. Along with strong features for load rating and evaluation, Smart Bridge Suite's unique and user friendly interface allows complete design and optimization in minutes with fully graphical output.

Smart Bridge Tech solves a wide range of analysis problems for clients in all bridge engineering and research fields. Our staff undertakes work ranging from the stress analysis of individual components to the provision of structural design substantiation of major engineering projects. Our commitment toward developing our software has allowed us to:

• Provide a cost-effective service if you do not have in-house capability
• Provide technical support with advanced and novel analysis
• Help reduce your peak workloads

Founded in 2004 by Mohsen Shahawy, Ph.D., P.E., Smart Bridge Tech creates interactive and convenient software for the Civil Engineering and Construction Industries.

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