Smart Bridge Rating software is under development.

  • Smart Bridge Rating implements structure design and analysis that follows AASHTO LRFD code specifications.

  • The graphic interface is user-friendly for data input and tuned for engineers. Detailed analysis results including the step-by-step calculations can be checked by the user.

  • Smart Bridge Rating supports both structural design and load rating.

  • Smart Bridge Rating supports both US and Metric unit systems to allow the user to input data and generates results given a chosen unit type.

  • Common vehicles and materials are included in the library and all library items can be easily modified or created.

  • Smart Bridge Rating supports both simply supported and continuous superstructures; frame and Strut and Tie analysis. Users may define the boundary conditions and the connections between cap and columns (pinned, fixed, or spring).

  • Smart Bridge Rating supports multi-column bent and hammerhead substructure types. Input for cap specifications allows the user to select tapered or variable height cap components. Columns can be either circular or rectangular columns.

  • The user may define one or two bearing lines with different pad spacings and eccentricities.

  • Smart Bridge Rating ships with a library of AASHTO values for all common factors (DL, LL, Impact, resistance factor, condition factor, system factor, MPF, etc.) that can be updated by the user. Dead loads can be generated automatically based on the user input.

  • The Analysis engine automatically moves the truck and lane load longitudinally and transversely to find the concurrent loads at the bearing locations and then applies these loads to the substructure to find the moment, shear and axial load on each member.

  • The user can view load effects (moment, shear, axial) and member capacities in diagram and tables, in program or output report.

  • Smart Bridge Rating analysis considers P-M interaction in column design and analysis. The interaction diagram can be viewed in the program and printed in the report. Moment magnification analysis for slender columns was considered.

  • The user can enter custom load factors that relate to a certain specification.

  • Smart Bridge Rating generates a full submittal-ready analysis report.




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